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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reveiw of "The Barbarian Way"

If you know me, you know that I am a thinker. But at times I find myself being easily convinced of things and not really seeing the "devil's advocate" side of the proposition. But I love a good challenge. I love when the other side is presented about an issue so that I can think it through and compare it to Scripture. I have much growing to do in this area though. As I read "The Barbarian Way", I clarely saw the point he was making and knew much of it was true. There always seems to be a deeper way to look into things though and not just blindly accepting a concept.
For me, the concepts and truths presented in this book inspired me to really evaluate how I am living. I have seen how I have been seeking to live in comfort in daily life rather than putting off my selfishness and putting on a heart to serve. It has been awesome to see how God has been bring so many truths to mind frequently. These truths have been coupled with a passion that was also inspired by truths in this book. God has been pointing out areas in my life as as simple as me not wanting to get someone a drink of water when they ask me to or not wanting to stay up late to help my family with something so that my mom doesn't have to get up early and do it. This has been a great rebuke to me, but I have needed it so much.
The truths in this book have also inspired in me a desire to live out of my comfort zone and not be ashamed of it. It has driven me to desire whatever God has for my life while recongnizing that I need to run in desperation to the Holy Spirit for the ability to live that out. God has been cultivating a passion in me to take these truths and run with them. But there are always evaluations to be made of anything that is written by man and not fully inspired by God. I would recommend this book. It will give you lots of food for thought if anything. But don't believe that faulty views promoted in this book are fully adopted by an inspired reader. I wouldn't say that is true. Here are some reviews from the "devil's advocate" prospective. I found them on some sites on the internet.
This first entry is by Kevin Drury.
~So I’m OK with the barbarian way so long as this emergent crowd avoids the error of making their own style of Christianity the “true strain” as they condemn every other style as wrong, sub-Christian, unbiblical, stale, and irrelevant. This book gets veeeeeery close to leaving that impression. The barbarian way is one way of following Christ… like the Baptist way, Reformed way, the Anglican way or Nazarene way. But it is not THE way.~
Another review that I found can be looked up on this site. He has an interesting perspecitve that is worth thinking through. I really appreciated his strong advocacy of the sufficiency of Scritpure compared to books. I am a book reader myself, but it is good to keep it in check and not get carried away with how much we look to man-written books rather than the God-breathed Scriptures. Read the book for yourself and compare it to Scripture.


  • At April 21, 2006 11:44 PM, Anonymous jblaha said…

    Good point. I usually am leary about getting hyped up about books when they display a different view of true believing. We must always come back to Scripture. I find that sometimes I miss blessings from being leary though. I have to remind myself that God does not need our minds or words to accomplish His work, but God certainly uses it so take as a help - not absolute. Thanks, noonie.



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