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JOIN ME IN MY JOURNEY PERMEATED BY THE GRACE OF GOD. "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. On the contrary, I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me." I Corinthians 15:10

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The last few months have been challenging. Towards the beginning of the year, Stephanie, a friend from church happened to mention in a conversation that she and her husband had been thinking about renting out the apartment area they have above their "barn" that they lived in while they were building their house. She and her husband, David, had talked about offering to let my brother Ricky and I rent. Ricky decided to stay home until he finishes college next year and save money. I was very interested.That started a long process for me in pursuing moving out of the house at the end of the summer and getting a job out in the Spartanburg area where they live. I was so excited about it because I would be closer to my church and be able to be more involved in the lives of families in my church and the community where my church is located. I have been limited in that because I live half an hour away from my church and have been carpooling with my parent's vehicles since I have been home. The transmission went out on their car that I had been driving, so 3 adults have been sharing 1 van for a few months now.

Until about 3 weeks ago, I had only 2 options for a possible interview, but had no job secured. I was getting overwhelmed with the fact that I had to have a job secured in a month before I left for the summer. From the beginning, I didn't want to push or manipulate my way into moving out. But I felt like that God was leading me in that direction, so I was going to pursue it until He clearly showed me otherwise. But 3 weeks ago, I just wanted to know what God had for me so I could plan accordingly before I left. It was about that time that Stephanie and David talked with me after church on a Sunday night and proposed a plan to see if I would be interested in it. They are very wise with money and wanted to help me out in that area. They had become very concerned me being in debt when I was planning on moving out. They knew I have a $4,000 school bill and didn't really have the money to afford a decent car. They wanted me to be ahead in my finances before I moved out. They proposed that I stay at home and at the job where I am at for the next year. I can work hard at paying off my debts, being able to get a decent car, and have some money saved up in an emergency fund. I have wanted to be wise with my money when I move out and not start off in debt, but I didnt' really know where to start. I was so excited that they genuinely cared enough about me to help me with this. I was also disappointed. I have practically lived on my own for 6 years during college up until this last year. As you know, I very independent and have looked forward to living on my own again. But God had been preparing me even for this. When the decision was made to stay home, I was at peace with it. I am not looking forward to what God has for me staying where I am. I was very glad to be able to continue with the students I have been teaching for a year and continue what progress that has been made in their lives. I will be staying at Mauldin Middle in my special education classroom as an aide for at least one more year.

Looking back, when I first moved home last May, my reason for coming home completely changed between school finishing and moving home 2 days later. But I knew that God wanted me here. I had no job and didn't know why God wanted me to move back home and in Greenville. Once I was here and had a job, I thought it would be wise to stay home for 2 years and at the job I have to get established before moving out. When this possibility came up of moving out a year earlier, I was so excited. But the plan actually hasn't changed now that I will be staying home for at least one more year. Next summer, I will have been home for 2 years and at the job I have. But God didn't want me to stay where I was in my spiritual life. He had much to teach me. He didn't have to have the possiblity of me moving out come up. But through it all, I have grown so much and learned so many things I would not have learned if I this whole scenerio had not developed. I never cease to be amazed at God's wisdom so clearly being played out in my everyday life. For those of you who knew me in college and knew how strongly I detested ever living at home or in Greenville about a year and half ago, I want to assure you that God has transformed my heart since then and I truly enjoy living at home and love being exactly where I am right now. God has given me a whole new circle of friends and people I am with from when I lived in Greenville growing up, and I am so blessed to have them part of my life. Keep praying that God will continue to reveal Himself to me so that I will continue to become more like Him. I know He has much prepared for me this summer. I am so excited about it and I know you will join me in your hearts from home in what God has for me this summer.


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